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What is Your Teams Goal?

How often are you asked what your goals are and you cant give a clear, concise answer?
How often do you ask your manager this same question?
As a manager, how often do you ask yourself?

This poses a very interesting point, as in this day and age, no one in the world is as important to us as ourselves and in a work scenario, those we work with, yet a large proportion of us are unclear as to the direction we or the company is headed!

A Japanese Proverb states “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”

Ok, so I need to set some goals for myself and my team, what’s the best way to do it?

When setting a goal, no matter what for, check it meets the widely used S.M.A.R.T criteria:

Specific – No matter how big or small, the more details the better!

M - Measurable – Put a measurement in place, without this how will you know when you have reached your goal or if you are on track?

AAchievable – Whilst making them challenging, we must make sure our goals are actually achievable!

RResults driven – this goes without saying, all goals should be results driven for you, the company and those directly affected by the outcome.

TTimeline – having a deadline helps to measure expectations as well as celebrate milestones along the way.

As we move into 2011 and you begin your forecast for the year ahead, I ask you, what is your goal for the year, what is your teams goal and how will you know when it happens?

Can you turn your team into a championship team?

Angus Firth

Team Building Perth – New Financial Year

Looking for Team Building Activities in Perth?

Do you have a new strategy and goals for the 2011/2012 financial year?

Why not reward your staff, have a whole lot of fun and create some strong motivation going into the second half of 2011 with one of the following fun team building activities:

Creative Art Team Workshop – Discover the depth of your teams creativity and talent

Da Vinci Team Code – We challenge your team to crack the code

Safari Challenge – Is your team up for the challenge?

Amazing Race – Ready, set, go!

Raft Building Team Building Challenge – Will your team sink or float?

Customised Event – Let us know your idea and we will work with you to make it a reality

Whether in Perth or across WA, Merribrook Corporate Outdoors can make it happen for your team without the hassle of planning it all yourself. Let us know the amount of time, budget and people and we will take care of the rest.

Call us today on 089 755 5599 to design a program for your team.

Team Building for Graduates – New Programme

Team Building specialists Merribrook Corporate Outdoors can customise team building games and activities to inspire, motivate and impress your new recruits.

All of our activities call for graduates to work together and most importantly have fun.

With a chance to meet and mingle with fellow graduates in a fun outdoor setting, graduates get an opportunity to learn something about themselves and others.

Contact one of the friendly team at Merribrook today for assistance with designing a graduate team building programme that will make a lasting impression on your new recruits.

Team Building & Boutique Conference Experience at Merribrook Retreat, Margaret River

For a limited time only* Merribrook Corporate Outdoors are offering a 50% reduction on conference room hire rates for Corporate Groups conferencing and staying at Merribrook Retreat, Margaret River.

Established in 1986, Merribrook is one of West Australia’s leading Corporate Outdoor Training organizations, a custom built training venue and a natural boutique retreat offering an original blend of fun, facilitated and motivational activities and conference / accommodation facilities.

Our unique facilities are nestled in 160 acres of natural bush and parkland. It’s a place of sanctuary, away from the workplace, where people are given the chance to get to know one another, build friendships and have fun.

The lakeside location provides an inspirational setting for training programmes, a great learning environment and a relaxed conference setting. Our teambuilding and facilitated leadership training programmes can be performed here at Merribrook Retreat, Margaret River.

Merribrook is also the winner of several state and national tourism awards, including the Jaguar Award for Innovation in Travel. Merribrook has luxury villa accommodation and can host recreational activities that can be incorporated into your programme.

Please find Endorsements from companies that have held conferences at Merribrook and/or enjoyed a Merribrook training programme.

Contact one of our friendly staff on 089 755 5599 to find out more about planning your conference at Merribrook Retreat today!

*You must book before January 30, 2010 to receive this discount

Corporate Team Building At Merribrook Gets Creative

Team building activities in Perth and across Western Australia have just got a little more creative.

Introducing Merribrooks Creative Team Art Workshop.

Discover the depth of your teams creativity and talent with an art workshop at your next teambuilding day.

From a blank canvas to a creative piece of art, teams experience the fun of working together to create a masterpiece. There is a role for all to contribute and overcome the daunting prospect of putting paint onto canvas. The results are surprisingly excellent and have often been framed for the office wall.

Our Art facilitators have extensive experience working with corporate groups to challenge their creativity, have fun and uncover a wealth of talent in the teams.

Working in teams, participants are given basic instructions in the use of the materials and ways to create different effects on the canvas . Preliminary sketches and ideas representing a theming topic, team values or future vision are put onto canvas by the team, to create the painting. A large team may create one very long art piece with smaller teams completing their section of the canvas and integrating with the team on each side.

A great journey for any team. Book your creative experience today!

Contact Merribrook on 089 755 5599 or request a quote.