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Creative Art Team Workshop

Indoor/Outdoor Both
Duration 1 hour to a full day
Group Size 5 to 100
Location Any suitable indoor or outdoor space

Discover the depth of your teams creativity and talent with an art workshop at your next teambuilding day.

From a blank canvas to a creative piece of art, teams experience the fun of working together to create a masterpiece. There is a role for all to contribute and overcome the daunting prospect of putting paint onto canvas. The results are surprisingly excellent and have often been framed for the office wall.

Our Art facilitators have extensive experience working with corporate groups to challenge their creativity and team work. Teams have fun and uncover a wealth of hidden talent.

Working in teams, participants are given basic instructions in the use of the materials and ways to create different effects on the canvas. Preliminary sketches and ideas representing a theming topic or their future vision are put onto canvas by the team, to create the painting. A large team may create one very long art piece with smaller teams completing their section of the canvas and integrating with the team on each side.

A great art journey for any team. Book your creative art experience today!

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