Team building for success


Team Games and Challenges

Indoor/Outdoor Indoor or Outdoor
Duration Full or Half Day
Group Size 5 to 400
Location At the location of your choice

Raise your teams spirit to new heights whilst having fun together with a real purpose.

Customised completely to your specific objectives this flexible program can have as many or as little outcomes as possible. It caters for every member of your team from physical, analytical, creative, quiet achievers, to those who just want to have a good time!

Fun, wacky, creative, challenging and sometimes bizarre problem solving activities are the perfect platform to take your teams culture, communication, relationships and problem solving ability to the next level.

Utilising a range of on ground initiatives, created and delivered by professional facilitators, this high-energy, motivating programme allows groups to explore and develop the power of team synergy in an environment different from the workplace.

The activities aim to boost the performance of teams and individuals from a range of backgrounds, through understanding and refining team processes, in a fun, supportive arena.

Participants will have a fun experience learning new things about themselves, their group and their organisation as whole. Perfect for small and large groups from 5 to 400, Team Games and Challenges can be run at the location of your choice, ranging from an hour of games through to a full day of facilitated challenges.

Activities start with fun icebreakers involving the whole group through to problem solving challenges taking up to 30 minutes to solve. We change the groups regularly to allow each person to work with different team members throughout the session.

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