Team building for success


The Survivor Challenge

Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor
Duration Half or Full day
Group Size 14 to 300
Location Suitable grassed area of your choice

A series of fun, challenging team building initiatives see small teams going head to head and earning points for their overall team or tribe. Theming, bandannas and a progressive leader board make this an unforgettable program. There is opportunity for teams to really excel in a fun competitive environment where only one team is the winner!

The Survivor Challenge works well as a half or full day program
which sees teams progressively working better as the time goes on.

After a series of timeslots where teams have the opportunity to earn points, it all comes down to the final challenge, where teams are not only working for their sub team, they are collaborating with other sub teams to be the winning tribe.
Information is shared between small teams to aid their tribe at the end of the day. It always promises to be a fantastic finish when the two tribes compete in the final challenge.

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