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Examples of previous customised incentive events are below.

Fellowship of the Rings

The battle for Middle Earth! A fully themed event that draws on the mythology of the The Lord Of The Rings storyline. Set on 160 acres of Middle Earth, aka Merribrook Retreat, participants battle the forces of evil through various challenges.

On behalf of the Wesfarmers Corporate Office staff, I would like to formally thank you for all your time, support, and flexibility in the development and successful delivery of the Merribrook Corporate Office Retreat 2003.
The various activities and team challenges for our Fellowship of the Ring were exceptionally well orchestrated and executed by you and your team.
Thank you again for helping to make our retreat a huge success and a memorable experience for all of us.
Chris Ryan Group Human Resources Manager
Wesfarmers Limited November 2003

Desert Swarm – Our Biggest Yet!

A 3 day event focussing on teambuilding & company vision training, concluding with a lavish tribal celebration. We flew 300 Financial Advisors in a chartered C130 Hercules Transport Plane 600kms from Perth into the Gibson Desert where we custom built a village comprising:

  • 60 showers
  • 8 buses
  • 45 toilets
  • 450,000 litres of water
  • 68 tents
  • 340 beds
  • 680 sheets
  • 200 metres of fax paper
  • 2040 blankets
  • one race horse
  • 85 litres of tribal paint
  • We are proud to have left the environment exactly as we found it.

    “To those who were involved with the organisation of
    Desert Swarm there can be no end to the recognition
    for a job done brilliantly.The scale of this
    adventure is beyond normal comprehension, and the
    time and effort spent ensuring that everything
    happened so smoothly cannot go unnoticed. Imagine
    what we can all do as a company with a single
    vision, if a few people can bring Desert Swarm to
    reality.” Richard Hughes, Participant, Sealcorp.

    A Passage to Destiny

    Leaders and Destinies. We sailed 350 international business leaders to the remains of a World War II barracks on Corregidor Island in the Philippines for a day of physically challenging exercises and problem solving activities. We used tunnels, old bombed out buildings, jungle trails, theatre, gongs, live music and song (provided by the Youth of Manilla Orchestra) to challenge participants to find their true destiny.

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