Team building for success


Championship Teams

Indoor/Outdoor Mainly outdoor with indoor theory
Duration Half or full day
Group Size 5 to 40
Location A venue with conference as well as grass facilities

Championship Teams is a full or half day facilitated team building program inspiring your team to understand and work towards becoming a true championship team.

A structured sequence of small group and big team challenges allows for the development of teamwork at all levels. The supporting indoor theory and outdoor facilitation allows for the transfer of learning’s back to the workplace. Participants get take home material in their personalized workbook from the day.

Whilst there is plenty of theory there is also plenty of fun. Championship teams is a great way to understand the meaning of teambuilding games and how that relates back to the workplace after the course.

“I want to thank you again for your preparation and facilitation of the session with our guys. I had an idea what we should do and you exceeded those expectations by far. Thank you for the professional service rendered!”
Robbie Pretorius, Consultant Project Management Services, BHP Billiton, February 2008, A full day of Championship Teams at the Burswood on Swan function centre.

Key Skills and Objectives

Please advise us of your teams specific developmental needs to ensure that we tailor the programme and activities to meet your needs and expectations.
Examples include:
Emphasising Time Management, Trust, Communication, Support, Creativity, Thinking ‘outside the square’, Problem Solving, Focus, Fun, Listening, Planning vs Action, Leadership, Calculated Risk Taking, Goal Setting, Networking, Feedback, Cooperation, Building Relationships.

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