Team building for success


The Safari Challenge

Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor with Indoor debrief
Duration Half Day
Group Size 5 to 60
Location Merribrook Retreat, Margaret River

When requested the Safari Challenge is a fully facilitated exercise with specific outcomes coming from the debrief process. An exciting outdoor group problem solving exercise requiring team work and strategic planning. Construction tasks, navigation exercises, mental problem solving and fun activities come together in a natural environment to enhance team spirit, awareness, co-operation and communication. This insight into how different individuals contribute to a whole group effort is designed to take a half day.

Marker points set over our 160 acre exclusive training facility, Merribrook Retreat and their locations are indicated on a map.

Teams compete to visit and complete as many of these markers as possible and in so doing scoring points. Many of the markers require the team to complete fun initiative challenges before they can punch the marker on their own card. The more difficult the challenge the more points. The tasks are designed to be different and have something for everyone by the end of the half day.

Teams have three hours to score as much as they can. They then utilise information gathered, along with team skills, and lateral thinking to complete the task. Many many teams have tried but none have ever completed the whole course in the time frame given! Is your team up to the challenge?

The Safari Challenge is a great activity which can be tied into many of our other styles of programs to make up a full day of facilitated teambuilding if requested. We would suggest Championship Teams in the morning and then the Safari Challenge in the afternoon.

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