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Rottnest Island

An Iconic Destination

Merribrook Corporate Outdoors runs programs across WA. We are often asked by potential clients if we run events on Rottnest Island and the answer is YES!

Rottnest Island is an iconic and relaxed place and great for groups offering a destination experience for international guests, for teams who want to get out of Perth for the day and for groups wanting to conference and incorporate some fun activities to break the ice.

With a range of Transportation Options (Charter or Ferries), Accommodation Venues (Rottnest Lodge, Rottnest Hotel, Camp grounds, Kingston Barracks and the vast range of Villas and Cabins etc) there are options to suit most budgets. Conference Venues and catering are also available and of course the many unique spaces for team building activities offer a beautiful backdrop to enhance a fun day.

A great program for Rottnest Island is the Safari Challenge.

Recently we met a group of 35 people on Thomson Bay Main Jetty where they disembarked from an APACHE charters boat they took from the city, enjoying morning tea on the way. We assigned teams and briefed the group on their activity.

Their mission: to earn as many points as possible in a designated timeframe.

Groups visited a number of places across the island, undertaking team building challenges, taking photos and solving cryptic clues. It was a fun, yet hot day and teams rose to the challenge with some exceptional scores being achieved.

We can tailor a program to suit your groups needs and budget. Whether you want to include bikes, water challenges or enjoy the scenery on foot this program is a great way to enjoy the sights and sounds of Rottnest.

There are a few additional costs to keep in mind with this location including freight costs and staff transportation, catering and accommodation fees (if an overnight stay is required). However if the budget allows it makes for a great day out.

Suzanne Clarke

Calling all Small Businesses

Do you run a small business and think your team is too small to consider team building?

Well here at Merribrook we work with small groups of 5 – 10 people on a regular basis.

Being a small business ourselves we understand your need for a return on investment from your team building session which is why we work with you to design a program to best suit your individual business objectives, outcomes and budget.

A great experience for a small team on a small budget is our team games and challenges session combined with our creative art session. You only need 2 – 4 hours to offer your team an opportunity to have some fun, possibly get off site (or we can come to your premises) and get to know each other better through a range of different activities.

In the past 2 weeks we have run two of these programs.

For our first Perth based client the objective was to tap into the creative side of the group in preparation for a brainstorming and strategy meeting following the session.

Our other group was looking to do something completely different from the normal working day (accounting), outside the office (at beautiful Merribrook Retreat, Margaret River) and involving a lot of fun.

Both sessions were a great success. The team building challenges provided a great start to the session with groups seeing the positive benefits of applying open communication skills, brainstorming and listening to ideas. And then the art…we believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder and regardless of the outcome of the groups master piece, proudly hanging it on the wall provides a wonderful memory of the day and a bit of a giggle and great talking point for customers and suppliers alike.

So if you think your team could benefit from a bit of fun and building better relationships by doing something different, this program is highly recommended.

Some quotes from our happy past clients:

“Thank you very much for putting together an awesome art workshop for us. It got the accountants using their creative side which was great fun. Now we need to agree on where we are going to display the artwork! I look forward to working with Merribrook again in the near future.”

Barbara Fitzgerald, Senior Business Advisor, Alcoa, 11 Sept, 2009.

“We have had nothing but great responses from everyone involved in the event. They were all extremely impressed with yourself and the organization of the event and the fun factor. Many were surprised by how much they enjoyed it and have advised that they would and will recommend it to both other managers within Schlumberger, but also to clients they talk to.”

Toni McPherson, Schlumberger, October, 2009, Feedback received following the Creative Art Team Building Workshop.

Suzanne Clarke

Amazing Race on Water

Here at Merribrook we love a challenge and when we were asked by one of our valued clients to design an Amazing Race event in Mandurah using runabouts/dinghy’s we jumped at the chance.

With a group of 30 people we started off at the Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club. This is where the group had been conferencing earlier in the morning. The spacious and air conditioned conference room was a great size for the group and the venue offers onsite catering.

The teams had been selected, canteen bandannas were handed out to distinguish between teams and we were ready for the brief.

The objective: To be the first team over the line at the end of the race.

The afternoon was a great deal of fun with groups visiting various locations along the Mandurah river and canals. The runabouts were a great way to see the sights of Mandurah and a big thanks go to Mark and the team at Blue Manor Boat Hire for all their help. Teams undertook a range of team building activities designed to mentally challenge the group and their teamwork skills along with bonus challenges involving taking photos and solving cryptic clues. After each challenge groups were handed an envelope outlining their next destination.

3 hours later teams finished back at the Sailing Club where a nice cold beverage was ready and waiting at the bar. It was a close race with much light hearted conjecture about the final results.

The Amazing Race works well in a range of settings. Whether in the Perth CBD utilising public transport systems, runabouts on the Mandurah Estuary or Taxis and Kayaks exploring the South West, we can design a race that meets your budget and groups needs.

A great way for people to get to know each other in smaller teams, a destination experience or a fun motivational exercise this program is a lot of fun.

Contact one of our friendly staff today on 089 755 5599 for a team experience to remember.

Suzanne Clarke

Challenge by Choice

I still remember the day I had to abseil down a gigantic wall whilst training for my Human Movement Degree. Well, in hindsight the wall wasn’t that big, but as I was standing on the platform waiting to take that initial first step backwards, I was thinking of every possible way I could get out of going ahead with it. I felt like I was being pushed well past my comfort zone. I knew it could be done safely, as I’d seen others do it before me, but my mind was talking a different story. Now you too may have a story like this, a moment where you really felt like you were literally stepping over the edge on a past “team building day”. The words “team building” may even be enough to send you into a cold sweat. Well be rest assured as a lot has changed and I’m here to explain.

Merribrook’s roots were firmly based in the adventure space during the 80′s and 90′s and much success was achieved with corporate and school groups, challenging individuals within teams through caving, high ropes courses, abseiling etc. And although my experience at university ended up well, as I too safely made it to the ground and felt a wonderful sense of achievement, here at Merribrook we realise adventure challenges may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

In recent years, we have shifted our focus to offering alternative activities that remain challenging to corporate teams, yet in a less daring way. Understanding that our clients have varying fitness levels and physical work demands we offer a range of activities that can accommodate everyone’s capabilities. Some roles can be physical for those who choose, whilst within the same activity other roles are less so.

A key philosophy that supports this is Challenge by Choice. It means being able to opt in and opt out of any challenges Merribrook facilitators present during our programs as a result of injury, illness, disabilities or personal circumstances. We also aim to have a commitment from the whole team to support anyone who exerts this right. However, if people are able, we do ask that they continue to participate in a less physical way either supporting the team verbally and or contributing to the problem solving process. That way we keep everyone connected.

So if you have any concerns of questions please don’t hesitate to call one of our friendly facilitators who can assist you in designing a team building program that will accommodate your whole teams personal circumstances.

Suzanne Clarke

What is Your Teams Goal?

How often are you asked what your goals are and you cant give a clear, concise answer?
How often do you ask your manager this same question?
As a manager, how often do you ask yourself?

This poses a very interesting point, as in this day and age, no one in the world is as important to us as ourselves and in a work scenario, those we work with, yet a large proportion of us are unclear as to the direction we or the company is headed!

A Japanese Proverb states “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”

Ok, so I need to set some goals for myself and my team, what’s the best way to do it?

When setting a goal, no matter what for, check it meets the widely used S.M.A.R.T criteria:

Specific – No matter how big or small, the more details the better!

M - Measurable – Put a measurement in place, without this how will you know when you have reached your goal or if you are on track?

AAchievable – Whilst making them challenging, we must make sure our goals are actually achievable!

RResults driven – this goes without saying, all goals should be results driven for you, the company and those directly affected by the outcome.

TTimeline – having a deadline helps to measure expectations as well as celebrate milestones along the way.

As we move into 2011 and you begin your forecast for the year ahead, I ask you, what is your goal for the year, what is your teams goal and how will you know when it happens?

Can you turn your team into a championship team?

Angus Firth